SS0808 – UHF EPC Gen. 2 Sensor Node

SS0808 – UHF EPC Gen. 2 Sensor Node


SS0808 is a UHF EPC Gen2 RFID device featuring temperature-sensing functionality, data logging and real-time data processing. Thanks to the large supply voltage, the device can be powered with a single-cell paper or thin battery, making SS0808 an ideal device for advanced battery-assisted labels.
The chip has an integrated temperature sensor and can be interfaced to an additional capacitive sensor (for measurement of RH, gas concentration, etc.).
SS0808 is suited for long-time monitoring thanks to the 8-kB internal memory. The embedded data-processing capability allows real-time calculation of parameters such as the remaining shelf-life of tagged item. The quality of the storage of the item in the supply chain must be readily and precisely assessed. The download of the complete data-log (up to 8kB) may thus be performed off-line when a fault in the supply chain (affecting the shelf-life of the item) is detected

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  • High precision temperature accuracy (±0.2°C)
  • Wide temperature span (-40÷85°C)
  • Low supply voltage (down to 1.2V)
  • Battery charge monitor
  • RFID:
    • UHF EPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-6/C)
    • 860-960MHz input frequency
    • High reading range (-20 dBm sensitivity)
    • User configurable RF sensitivity
  • Selectable data-sampling period from 1 sec. to 18 hours
  • Large internal memory for data logging (8 kB)
  • External capacitive sensor (RH, gas, etc.)
  • High accuracy Internal timer (±0.5%)
  • Additional timer with external 32.768kHz XTAL.
  • Embedded 8051 µProc. for real-time data processing.

8kB ROM for shelf life algorithms and firmware


  • Monitory and inventory of items sensitive to temperature or other environmental param.s
  • Food and Pharmaceutical supply chains
  • Monitoring of medical and chemical products
  • Long-range shipment monitoring logging
  • Checking of temperature and other critical parameters (RH, gas, etc.) in supply chain




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